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Discover how our technologies and solutions are transforming the supply chain industry, providing greater efficiency and transparency.

How can we help in this industry?

We specialize in supporting supply chains in key areas:

Optimizing operations

We streamline processes, reducing costs and lead time.

Risk management

We help identify and minimize potential operational risks.

Increasing transparency

We introduce solutions that improve visibility at every stage of the supply chain.

System integration

We integrate different IT systems to enable smooth data exchange.

Sustainable development

We implement eco-friendly solutions that support sustainable development.

Data usage and analysis

We use data to create forecasts and improve decision-making processes.


Software development

Creating personalized applications that meet the unique needs of the supply chain.

Software integration

Connecting diverse systems to increase operational efficiency.

Location-based services

Utilizing location data solutions to optimize logistics and track shipments.

Project workshops

Understanding industry needs and challenges to design effective solutions.

Implementation process

Analysis and consultations

A detailed understanding of your business needs.

Solution design

Developing a technology strategy tailored to your goals.

Development and Integration

Technological implementation according to the plan.

Testing and verification

Ensuring solutions are ready for deployment.

Deployment and optimalization

Adapting systems to operational realities.

Support and development

Providing ongoing support and solution updates.

Why IT-solve?

At IT-solve, we combine advanced technological knowledge with a thorough understanding of the supply chain industry. Our solutions are designed not only to address current challenges but also to support future business development and scaling.

Technologies we work with

We employ state-of-the-art technologies to offer future-proof solutions that contribute to increasing your company’s performance and competitiveness in the market.

AWS Lambda








Google Maps




Munic Car Data




ZF Transics








Start your transformation with IT-solve

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Completed projects

Our clients’ successes

Use cases of our solutions in practice that contributed to the success and growth of our clients.


What our clients say

Reviews and recommendations from our business partners who have trusted our solutions.

Bartosz Dwojna

Project Manager in Sweco Consulting Sp. z o.o.

Choosing IT-Solve turned out to be a bull’s-eye. A very competent and flexible team that, before starting the implementation, strives to fully understand not only the Client’s needs but also the broader context. Their full support, as well as valuable insights, allowed us to complete the project on time and within the budget. I can recommend IT-Solve as a reliable and committed partner.


Jakub Wójtowicz

Account Manager in Brand Backup

We are very satisfied with our cooperation with IT-Solve. The product fully met our expectations. Free from defects, exactly as we expected. Cooperation at a very high level.


Artur Ochman

CEO in Gamuza Sp. z o.o.

IT-SOLVE specialists demonstrate a very high level of commitment, experience, and professionalism. They have a very broad technical knowledge in the area of designing and implementing business processes. IT-solve is a very reliable and trustworthy technological partner.