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A system for internal tracking of offers submitted through tenders.

Choosing IT-Solve turned out to be a bullseye. A highly competent and flexible team that, before starting the implementation, strives to fully understand not only the Client’s needs but also the broader context. Their full support, as well as valuable insights, enabled the project to be completed within the set timeframe and budget. I can recommend IT-Solve as a reliable and committed partner.



In today’s rapidly evolving business world, where competition never sleeps, every company is looking for ways to streamline its internal processes. With this intention, our client, a leading company in their industry, approached us with a project to create a modern system for tracking tender offers. The goal? Replacing an outdated program that couldn’t keep up with the dynamic pace of work and team needs.

Scope of work

The project involved not only creating a new solution but also considering the detailed needs and suggestions of employees at various decision-making levels. Key elements included integration with an international database engine and conducting a thorough analysis of the existing tool for effective data migration.


The challenges we faced were threefold:

  1. Replacing the existing program, which required not only technical execution but also convincing the team to adopt a new tool.
  2. Migrating valuable historical data, which tasked us with ensuring their security and integrity.
  3. Integrating with the international database system, which involved the need to ensure stable and efficient communication between systems.


The response to these challenges was the creation of a web application integrated with an international database engine, featuring an extensive trend and anomaly analysis system to support decision-making. The application’s UI was designed to maximize workspace while providing access to a large amount of data on one screen.


The new offer tracking system brought several benefits to the company, including significant time savings on daily activities related to offer tracking, increased employee engagement in optimizing their work processes, and the ability to flexibly develop the solution according to the company’s evolving needs.

Utilizing technologies such as .NET, SQL SERVER, and VUEJS not only ensured smooth and stable operation but also opened doors to future integrations and system expansion. As a result, the project not only met the client’s current requirements but also prepared the company for future challenges.


The offer tracking project proved to be a milestone for our client, facilitating the management of tender offers and introducing the company to a new level of efficiency. It demonstrates the power of properly designed software, which not only streamlines existing processes but also engages users and adapts to changing business needs.

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