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Building MVP

Discover how to quickly test and validate your business idea with our MVP (Minimum Viable Product) building service.

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    What is the service about?

    Building an MVP involves creating a simplified version of your software or digital product that includes only key features necessary to validate the concept in the market. It’s a strategy that allows for rapid testing of ideas with minimal risk and investment, providing valuable insights from early users.

    What benefits will you gain from this service?

    Quick idea validation

    Gain market feedback on your product without unnecessary costs and commitments.

    Budget optimization

    Focus on key features, reducing development expenses.

    Gathering feedback

    Receive feedback from users to help tailor the product to their needs.

    Shorter time to market

    Start collecting experiences and generating revenue faster.

    Foundation for further development

    MVP can serve as a foundation for building a full-fledged product.

    Reduced risk

    Minimize investment risk by better understanding market needs.

    Implementation process

    Goal and key feature definition

    Define the main goals of the MVP and the features to be implemented.

    Design and prototyping

    Create UX/UI design and prototypes for initial testing.

    MVP development

    Programming and implementation of established features.

    Testing and deployment

    Verification of MVP functionality and its deployment.

    Feedback collection and analysis

    Evaluation of feedback from initial users.

    Iteration and development

    Adjustment of the product based on collected data and planning further development.

    Why IT-solve?

    By choosing IT-solve, you benefit from the experience of our specialists who will help you transform your idea into a functional MVP ready for market testing. Our understanding of the logistics, transportation, and supply chain industries allows us to deliver solutions precisely tailored to specific challenges and needs.

    Industries we serve

    Specialization in industries

    We offer specialized solutions for the logistics, transportation, and supply chain industries.


    Solutions to streamline transportation and logistics.


    Innovations supporting efficient supply chain management.

    Supply chain

    Technologies optimizing processes throughout the supply chain.

    Technologies we work with

    Our MVP projects utilize the latest technologies and trends in the IT industry to ensure rapid delivery and high-quality products.

    AWS Lambda






    AWS EC2


    Google Maps



    MS SQL

    Munic Car Data




    ZF Transics








    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. How long does the MVP creation process take?

    The time required to create a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) can vary depending on the project scope, feature complexity, and the methodology used by the development team. The process typically takes from several weeks to several months. The main goal is to quickly develop a product version that allows for the verification of key business assumptions and the gathering of user feedback at minimal cost​​.

    2. What are the main differences between an MVP and a full product version?

    An MVP, or Minimum Viable Product, is a product version with a limited set of features that are necessary to meet the basic needs of early users and allow for feedback collection. The full product version, on the other hand, contains an expanded set of functionalities that have been refined and expanded based on the feedback obtained after MVP deployment, as well as additional market analysis and user needs​​.

    3. How does IT-solve help in iterating and further developing the product after MVP?

    IT-solve supports its clients in iterating and further developing their product after creating the Minimum Viable Product (MVP) in several key ways. The company begins by analyzing feedback from MVP users, which allows for the identification of areas requiring improvement. Next, IT-solve plans and implements product iterations, focusing on improving existing functionalities and adding new ones to better meet market needs. In this process, agile methodologies are used, allowing for flexible project management and rapid changes, which is crucial in a dynamically changing technological environment. Additionally, the company provides technical support and guidance on best practices and new technologies, supporting its clients in achieving their business and technological goals​​.

    4. Can I be involved in the MVP creation process?

    Yes, client involvement in the MVP creation process is not only possible but highly desirable. Clients can participate in defining key MVP functionalities, testing prototypes, and providing feedback at every stage of the project. This collaboration ensures that the final product is better tailored to market needs and user expectations​​.

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    What our clients say

    Opinions and recommendations from our business partners who have trusted our solutions.

    Bartosz Dwojna

    Project Manager in Sweco Consulting Sp. z o.o.

    Choosing IT-Solve turned out to be a bullseye. A highly competent and flexible team that, before starting the implementation, strives to fully understand not only the Client’s needs but also the broader context. Their full support, as well as valuable insights, enabled the project to be completed within the set timeframe and budget. I can recommend IT-Solve as a reliable and committed partner.


    Jakub Wójtowicz

    Account Manager in Brand Backup

    We are very satisfied with the cooperation with IT-Solve. The product fully met our expectations. Devoid of flaws, exactly as we expected. Cooperation at a very high level.


    Artur Ochman

    CEO in Gamuza Sp. z o.o.

    IT-SOLVE specialists demonstrate a very high level of commitment, experience, and professionalism. They possess extensive technical knowledge in the area of designing and implementing business processes. IT-solve is a very reliable and trustworthy technological partner.


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