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Press Glass

The Android Scanner App is an application created for one of the largest manufacturing companies in Poland, Press Glass. It was developed out of the need to optimize work processes and improve efficiency.



In today’s fast-paced world and growing market demands, effective warehouse management is crucial for companies to maintain competitiveness. One of the largest manufacturing companies in Poland faced the challenge of optimizing and increasing the efficiency of its warehouse processes. The solution turned out to be the Android Scanner App.

Scope of work

The application was designed for warehouse terminals, offering a clear and aesthetic design tailored for global use by company employees. With advanced functionalities such as RFID reader support, integration with the ERP system, and error control, the application serves as a comprehensive tool to streamline warehouse management processes.

Solutions and Technologies

The use of Zebra Tc8000 terminals with RFID and QR code support, combined with the Android platform and technologies such as WCF and Zebra SDK, enabled the creation of a highly functional application. The Scanner App offers features such as employee card authentication, loading error validation, warehouse space utilization planning, and full integration with existing ERP systems.

Challenges and Solutions

The main challenges of the project included ensuring effective record-keeping and synchronization of work among users from different countries, as well as increasing the efficiency of logistic processes. The solution was to develop an application for warehouse terminals utilizing advanced RFID and QR code technologies, which not only facilitated record-keeping but also significantly improved communication between departments.


The introduction of the Android Scanner App resulted in a significant improvement in warehouse work efficiency, reduction in loading and unloading times, and full control over logistic processes for the company. The application contributed to work systematization, error reduction, and optimization of warehouse resource management, becoming a revolutionary tool in the industry.


The Android Scanner App for Press Glass is an example of how technologically advanced solutions can significantly improve logistic processes in a company. By enabling more efficient work, the application not only enhances the competitiveness of the enterprise but also introduces a new quality in warehouse management, confirming its role as a key tool in modern logistics.

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