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Document workflow management

Discover how our document workflow management solutions can streamline your business processes and increase productivity.

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    Areas this type of solution enhances in the company

    Process automation

    Reduce time spent on document processing and automate routine tasks.

    Data storage and retrieval

    Facilitate document storage, retrieval and search.

    Data security

    Enhance data security through access control and audit trails.


    Facilitate cooperation between teams through shared documents and workflows.

    Compliance with regulations

    Assist in maintaining compliance with local and international standards for document management.

    Version control

    Control document versions to ensure everyone works on up-to-date files.

    Solutions for document management challenges

    Issues and challenges this solution will help solve

    Slow document flow

    Eliminate delays associated with manual document processing.

    Risk of data loss

    Prevent loss of important information through digital storage.

    Inefficient searching

    Quickly find necessary documents without sifting through piles of paper.

    Document errors

    Reduce errors through automatic form and template filling.

    Lack of collaboration

    Facilitate document sharing and team collaboration.

    Audit issues

    Simplify the audit process through electronic access and change trails.

    Why IT-solve?

    Choosing IT-solve means choosing a partner who, with experience and modern technology, can offer effective solutions to streamline document workflow tailored to the specific needs of your industry.

    Industries we work for

    Specialization in industries

    We offer specialized solutions for the logistics, transportation, and supply chain industries.


    Streamline document management in transportation and freight forwarding.


    Optimize document processes in logistics and supply chain management.

    Supply chain

    Introduce efficient document flow between all links in the supply chain.


    What our clients say

    Opinions and recommendations from our business partners who have trusted our solutions.

    Bartosz Dwojna

    Project Manager in Sweco Consulting Sp. z o.o.

    Choosing IT-Solve turned out to be a bullseye. A highly competent and flexible team that, before starting the implementation, strives to fully understand not only the Client’s needs but also the broader context. Their full support, as well as valuable insights, enabled the project to be completed within the set timeframe and budget. I can recommend IT-Solve as a reliable and committed partner.


    Jakub Wójtowicz

    Account Manager in Brand Backup

    We are very satisfied with the cooperation with IT-Solve. The product fully met our expectations. Devoid of flaws, exactly as we expected. Cooperation at a very high level.


    Artur Ochman

    CEO in Gamuza Sp. z o.o.

    IT-SOLVE specialists demonstrate a very high level of commitment, experience, and professionalism. They possess extensive technical knowledge in the area of designing and implementing business processes. IT-solve is a very reliable and trustworthy technological partner.


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