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Gamuza is an advanced system for coordinating tree cutting. It was created out of the need to streamline geodetic and administrative processes. By implementing advanced features, the daily work of both technicians and office administrators becomes easier.



Gamuza guarding the safety of the energy infrastructure, fulfills key tasks in the management of vegetation along power line corridors. By utilizing advanced technologies and years of experience, the company not only ensures the energy security of Poland and other European countries but also maximizes work efficiency with environmental respect.


Before implementing Gamuza system, geodetic and administrative processes were time-consuming and complicated. Technicians had to manually record coordinates of trees earmarked for cutting and independently search for information about parcel locations and owners. This lack of automated processes led to significant delays and potential error risks.


As a trusted technological partner, IT-SOLVE implemented the advanced Gamuza system, integrating it with the QuantumGIS mapping system and geoportal. This solution enabled:

  • Automatic search for parcels based on provided coordinates.
  • Quick access to information about parcel owners.
  • Transparent management of administrative processes.
  • Improved communication between field workers and administration.

Gamuza system also ensures control over tree cutting permits and efficient project coordination.

Technologies used

Gamuza project utilized ASP.NET MVC for dynamic user interface creation and AWS and Azure for reliable cloud infrastructure. Bootstrap ensured responsive design and PostgreSQL served for efficient data management. A key element was Quantum GIS, which enabled precise mapping and visualization of geospatial data, essential in vegetation management processes. This combination of technologies allowed for the creation of a comprehensive and efficient solution for Gamuza.


By implementing Gamuza system, the company achieved significant improvements:

  1. Support for administrative processes: Administrative processes are now much faster and more transparent.
  2. Coordination of field work: Advanced system functionalities facilitate the coordination of field workers.
  3. Tree cutting management: Integration with advanced mapping tools allows for precise planning and execution of cutting tasks.

Impact on company mission

Thanks to the modern IT systems implemented by IT-SOLVE, Gamuza can now more effectively fulfill its mission. The Suede system not only increases energy security but also supports the development of companies in the energy sector, being economically efficient and environmentally compliant.


The implementation of Gamuza system is a milestone for the company in maximizing efficiency while maintaining harmony with the environment. It is an example of how advanced technologies can support both business goals and environmental care.

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