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Dedicated software

Discover the power of dedicated software, perfectly tailored to your company’s needs.

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    What does the service involve?

    The service of dedicated software at IT-solve is a comprehensive process of designing, developing, and implementing software that is fully tailored to the unique needs, processes, and business goals of your company.

    What benefits will you gain from this service?

    Full customization

    Software that perfectly fits the specifics of your industry and business model.

    Flexibility and scalability

    Solutions that grow with your business and adapt to changing requirements.

    Increased efficiency

    Automation and optimization of key business processes, leading to time and resource savings.

    Competitive advantage

    Unique functionalities that differentiate your offering from competitors.

    Security and reliability

    Solutions built with the highest standards of data security and availability in mind.

    Support and development

    Ongoing technical support and the possibility of further software development.

    Implementation process

    Analysis and consultations

    Understanding your business and technological needs.

    Designing and prototyping

    Developing concepts and creating prototypes.

    Development and coding

    Building software using modern technologies.

    Testing and quality assurance

    Ensuring high quality and reliability of the solution.

    Deployment and integration

    Implementing software in your business environment.

    Support and development

    Providing ongoing support and opportunities for further development.

    Why IT-solve?

    By choosing IT-solve, you are opting for a partner that combines a deep understanding of technology with practical industry knowledge. Thanks to our experience in the logistics, transportation, and supply chain industries, we are able to deliver solutions that significantly contribute to the growth of your company.

    Industries we serve

    Specialization in industries

    We offer specialized solutions for the logistics, transportation, and supply chain industries.


    We offer solutions for optimizing transportation processes.


    We specialize in creating software that streamlines supply chain management.

    Supply Chain

    We assist in building efficient supply chain management systems.

    Technologies we work with

    Our dedicated software is developed using the latest technologies to ensure the highest quality and innovation of solutions.

    AWS Lambda






    AWS EC2


    Google Maps



    MS SQL

    Munic Car Data




    ZF Transics








    Frequently asked questions

    1. Can I make changes to the project during its implementation?

    Yes, changes to the project are possible during its implementation, especially when flexible project methodologies such as Agile are used, allowing for iterative development and easy modification. However, it is important to keep in mind that significant changes may affect the project schedule and costs. Therefore, each change should be discussed thoroughly with the development team to understand its impact on the project.

    2. How long does the process of creating custom software take?

    The time required to create custom software may vary depending on the complexity of the project, the scope of required functionalities, and the working methodology. This process can take from several months to even several years for particularly complex systems. It is important to establish a realistic schedule at the beginning of the cooperation, which will take into account all stages of the project from needs analysis to testing and implementation.

    3. How can custom software affect my competitive advantage?

    Custom software is created specifically for your unique business requirements, which means it is fully tailored to the specifics of your operations and processes. This can significantly increase operational efficiency, improve customer experience, and enable the introduction of innovative solutions that differentiate you from competitors. Custom software can also provide better scalability and flexibility in the future.

    4. Does IT-solve offer support after software deployment?

    Yes, IT-solve offers support after software deployment, which may include both technical assistance and software updates. It is important to establish the scope and conditions of such support at the beginning of the cooperation. Maintenance and support after deployment are crucial for ensuring the long-term effectiveness and security of the software, as well as for the possibility of its further development and adaptation to changing business needs.

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    What our clients say

    Opinions and recommendations from our business partners who have trusted our solutions.

    Bartosz Dwojna

    Project Manager in Sweco Consulting Sp. z o.o.

    Choosing IT-Solve turned out to be a bullseye. A highly competent and flexible team that, before starting the implementation, strives to fully understand not only the Client’s needs but also the broader context. Their full support, as well as valuable insights, enabled the project to be completed within the set timeframe and budget. I can recommend IT-Solve as a reliable and committed partner.


    Jakub Wójtowicz

    Account Manager in Brand Backup

    We are very satisfied with the cooperation with IT-Solve. The product fully met our expectations. Devoid of flaws, exactly as we expected. Cooperation at a very high level.


    Artur Ochman

    CEO in Gamuza Sp. z o.o.

    IT-SOLVE specialists demonstrate a very high level of commitment, experience, and professionalism. They possess extensive technical knowledge in the area of designing and implementing business processes. IT-solve is a very reliable and trustworthy technological partner.


    Completed projects

    Our clients’ successes

    Use cases of our solutions in practice that contributed to the success and growth of our clients.